The Finding 52 Formula

Finding 52 started with an idea to become the best ME possible.  Since I was one year away from being the same age my mum was when she died of a brain tumour, I felt there was no more time to waste. I had to figure out what real joy, love and healing looked like, and then work hard to live it!

Thirteen different qualities are explored over this 52 Week sojourn toward healing old wounds and growing a stronger, resilient soul. Each characteristic is examined from the different perspectives of ME, YOU, US, and THEM:

ME:  Each attribute begins with a deeply quiet, internal and vulnerable phase, meant to access that tiny voice speaking from my highly ignored core.

YOU:   This perspective opens the scope to include those who are in my close circle, delving into my thoughts, words, and actions toward my most intimate relationships.

US:  Here is where I tackle my outer circle of friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances, which always teeters dangerously toward chaos.

THEM:   Finally, the last lens of a topic will be looking at a broader global application, of which I am chronically unaware.

The 13 qualities covered are:

Patience, Being Positive, Sensitivity, Kindness, Curiosity, Graciousness, Gratitude, Humor, Strength, Encouragement, Intelligence, Generosity, and Creativity

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